C&J Picture Frames Inc.
Special Projects & Custom Framing

C520 frame. 54 inches by 80 inches. Hand Carved, 22 karat gold leaf.

Custom Carved Museum Frame
The frame pictured above is 5 inches wide and measures 64 x 68 inches. Pictures of a museum frame were provided in order to match the carving. We custom made the profile, and hand carved the frame. It is finished in 22K gold leaf over yellow and red clay. 

Period Reproduction Frame
This reproduction of a 19th century frame was carved entirely by hand. The moulding is 12 inches wide and is finished in 22k gold leaf over yellow clay with red highlights. The pictures above show some of the steps during production.

Custom Tabernacle
The tabernacle frame pictured above was built by hand out of raw basswood. It is over 11 feet long and 6 feet wide. After building a skeleton for the frame, individual pieces were hand carved and added to the final structure. It is finished in 22k gold leaf over a red bole.

22k Gold Sgraffito
This is a 22k Gold Sgraffito frame. A template was made for the corner designs and the panels feature burnished and matte squares with punch work. The corners and the squares are burnished so that they contrast with the rest of the frame. The pictures show the final steps of the gold work as patches are added to any spots that are missing gold. When the gold is perfect the frame is ready for the final finishing and toning.